Originally from Maryland, Danny started to play the guitar when he was 9 years old, finding inspiration from his older cousin who played a mean acoustic. He took lessons with a private instructor, but It was tough because he was learning on a full size dreadnaught. His hands were small and the metal strings were hard to handle. Eventually he switched to drums, but after 3 years of drumming he went back to the guitar, looking for more creative expression.
His first band was formed during his last year of high school, they were a cover band called SABER. After playing with a few different cover bands through the years Danny played as a fill in for a band called REX HUNTER. The band was very successful and actually made it to number 2 on the top Five at Five on the local 98 rock station, competing against the biggest national acts of the day.
After a break from playing for a couple years Danny joined another cover band called SEED. Here in Los Angeles he found himself playing bass for a band called ADORA VIDA, who were previously known as PRETTY SNEAKY SIS. They played the cool clubs on the strip, premiering at the Viper Room to promote their new album. He liked playing bass was, but it didn't compare to the freedom and expression of lead guitar. Danny is back on the six string and loving it.
He's looking for forward to shredding the stage with his new mates in DBP.

danny lanham

photo by Dirkbag.com


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Dynamite Beat Puppy is a sexy female fronted rock band, vampire rock
Dynamite Beat Puppy is a sexy female fronted rock band, vampire rock

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